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Monthly merchant features for the Ninth Street Merchant's Association. 

copywriting for ninth street merchants association, Full website copy 

"Eats, errands, and eclectic gifts – everything you need in a unique, walkable district with a rich history and a friendly neighborhood feel.

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This colorful West Durham street has roots that go all the way back to Durham’s early days of textiles and tobacco. Today, its modern amenities are matched with a strong tradition of independent business to create a vibrant culture.

Spend your Saturday afternoon on Ninth Street – drop off your dry cleaning, send a package, get a haircut, grab some groceries, and then relax over drinks or coffee beneath the shade of an awning. Our businesses are as independent and eclectic as our clientele. So, while you’re here, get to know your neighbors or make a few friends while you’re in town.

Referred to by the Herald-Sun as “Durham’s Greenwich Village,” Ninth Street is a cure for your shopping-mall blues. This is a street with character, a street with soul." 

copywriting for michelle henry fitness, full website copy

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"Michelle Henry may be small in stature, but she counts super-sized athletic events among her achievements: triathlons, competitive swimming,  Alpine skiing, and dragon boat racing, to name a few.  As a child, Michelle’s favorite class of the day was Physical Education and she decided during an elementary school kickball game that her size would not get in the way of her strength, determination, or performance. Michelle may have been picked last, but her classmates rarely regretted picking her." 

copywriting for InDIO, Full Website copy


"We love that our products are made in kitchens and workshops, tiny attic studios and barns, back bedrooms and back yards. Indio steers clear of mass-produced goods and champions those that are handmade – we like for our goods to pass through the hands of a maker before they are passed on to us. The result is startling originality and a balance between delicate attention-to-detail and the roughhewn but joyful imperfections of handcrafted work. In our store you’ll find pillows embroidered with woodland animals, simple but statement-making jewelry in cast bronze or fine silver, and candles that smell miraculously like the great woods of the Pacific Northwest.  

We are committed to thoughtful commerce. To us, this means supporting regional makers, whenever possible. It means selecting low-impact packaging and shipping methods for the goods that travel from Seattle or Brooklyn or Ohio. It means paying an honest price for the honest work that goes into the goods we carry, and it means selecting goods that we can sell to you at prices you can afford. We believe in beauty that is accessible, ethical, and authentic." 

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